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 https://​​debating-raw-diets-january-2019/​ https://​​debating-raw-diets-january-2019/​
 +  * Despite public pressure against it, the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) recently passed a resolution designed to discourage the feeding of raw diets to dogs and cats. 
 +  * The reasons given for the anti-raw resolution are so flawed they invite widespread suspicion about the real motives behind the AVMA’s stance.
 +  * The AVMA fails to explain how handling raw food intended for pets is more dangerous than handling raw food intended for humans. It also fails to explain how commercial raw pet food, which is rarely if ever recalled for contaminants,​ is less safe than processed pet food, which is the subject of routine, large-scale recalls.
 +  * To date, there have been ZERO reported cases of human illness caused by feeding raw diets to pets.
 +  * Dr. Becker remains a staunch advocate of raw food diets for healthy dogs and cats and dismisses the AVMA anti-raw resolution as without foundation.
 ====== Pork ====== ====== Pork ======
 [[:Is it safe for dog to eat raw pork?]] [[:Is it safe for dog to eat raw pork?]]
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