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 [[https://​​java/​jsoup-basic-web-crawler-example/​|JSOUP basic web crawler example]] [[https://​​java/​jsoup-basic-web-crawler-example/​|JSOUP basic web crawler example]]
 +[[http://​​how-to-make-a-web-crawler-in-under-50-lines-of-python-code/​|How to make a web crawler in under 50 lines of Python code]]
 [[https://​​pranay749254/​build-a-simple-python-web-crawler|Build a simple python web crawler]] [[https://​​pranay749254/​build-a-simple-python-web-crawler|Build a simple python web crawler]]
 [[https://​​python-pandemonium/​develop-your-first-web-crawler-in-python-scrapy-6b2ee4baf954|Develop your first web crawler in Python Scrapy]] [[https://​​python-pandemonium/​develop-your-first-web-crawler-in-python-scrapy-6b2ee4baf954|Develop your first web crawler in Python Scrapy]]
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