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The Television Will be Revolutionized

Lotz, A. D. (2007). The television will be revolutionized. New York: New York University Press.


Understanding Television in the Post-Network Era

Blurring boundaries of TV technology . . . . Video, Tivo, . . . .

Television Outside the Box: The Technological Revolution of Television

Digital advances, !DVRs, !DVDs, EPG, PSP, etc. have given the television viewers convenience and flexibility in their television uses.
Mobile phones, the Internet, etc. have changed TV as anywhere, anytime medium – limitless expansion of television's physical presence, e.g., office desks, cars, leisure venues, etc. In short, television has become 'mobile'.

Making Television: Changes in the Practices of Creating Television

Revolutionizing Distribution: Breaking Open the Network Bottleneck

Advertising after the Network Era: The New Economics of Television

Recounting the Audience: Integrating New Measurement Techniques and Technologies

Television Storytelling Possibilities at the Beginning of the Post-Network Era: Five Cases

Conclusion: Still Watching Television
Selected Bibliography

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Television broadcasting.
Television broadcasting – United States.
Television – Technological innovations.
Television broadcasting – Technological innovations.


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