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     * Click stream data . . . .      * Click stream data . . . . 
     * Gaming-related data . . . .     * Gaming-related data . . . .
 +Sources of unstructured data
 +Exploring sources of unstructured data 
 +Unstructured data is everywhere. In fact, most individuals and organizations conduct their lives around unstructured data. Just as with structured data, unstructured data is either machine generated or human generated. ​
 +Here are some examples of machine-generated unstructured data: 
 +  * Satellite images: This includes weather data or the data that the government captures in its satellite surveillance imagery. Just think about Google Earth, and you get the picture (pun intended). ​
 +  * Scientific data: This includes seismic imagery, atmospheric data, and high energy physics. ​
 +  * Photographs and video: This includes security, surveillance,​ and traffic video. ​
 +  * Radar or sonar data: This includes vehicular, meteorological,​ and oceanographic seismic profiles. ​
 +The following list shows a few examples of human-generated unstructured data: 
 +  * Text internal to your company: Think of all the text within documents, logs, survey results, and e-mails. Enterprise information actually represents a large percent of the text information in the world today. ​
 +  * Social media data: This data is generated from the social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Flickr. ​
 +  * Mobile data: This includes data such as text messages and location information. ​
 +  * Website content: This comes from any site delivering unstructured content, like YouTube, Flickr, or Instagram. ​
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