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Akubra hats

Stockman include the Snowy River, Cattleman, Longreach, Territory, Jackaroo, etc.
Banjo incude the Coober Pedy, Coolabah, Leisure Time, Lawson, Safari, Flemington, CEO, Kiandra,

Name info: URL Information Picture
Akubra Adventurer Graphite Grey
Regency Fawn
Imperial Quality Pure Fur Felt
38mm Ribbon band and bow
Reeded Roan Leather Sweatband
Satin Lined
Brim: 70mm x 60mm
Crown Height 100 mm
Akubra Cattleman Graphite Grey
Glen Grey
Imperial Quality
Brim: 83mm, Bound Edge
Crown Height: 85mm
Akubra Leisure Time Regency Fawn Brim width is 70mm, cut edge and a crown height of 100mm. leisure_time_reg_fawn_950x890_.jpg
Akubra Traveller Hat Regency Fawn Brim size is 76mm and a medium crown,
90mm high to fit in to both Town and or Country life.
Akubra Stockman Glen Grey Brim: 70mm Cut Edge
Crown Height: 100mm
Fully Lined and classed as a show hat not a working hat.
Stock colours Black and Santone Fawn.
Akubra Stylemaster Carbon Grey Brim width is 64mm,
Bound Edge and
crown height of 90mm.

Akubra Federation III (dimensional 2 7/8“ x 2 3/4” brim with a 6“ crown height)
Akubra Federation IV (dimensional 2 3/4” x 2 1/2“ brim with a 5 5/8” crown height)
Akubra Adventurer (dimensional 3 1/8“ x 2 7/8” brim with a 5 1/2“ crown height)





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