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2B Double
3B Triple
AB At Bats
BA Batting Average
BABIP Batting Average on Balls in Play
BB Bases on Balls (Walks)
BCS Bowl Championship Series
BFP Batters Faced by Pitchers
CS Caught Stealing
D Down
DICE Defense- Independent Component ERA
DIPS Defense- Independent Pitching Statistics
DPAR Defense Adjusted Points above Replacement
DPY/A Defense- Passing Yards Per Attempt
DRP Defensive Rebounding Percentage
DRY/A Defense Rushing Yards Per Attempt
DTO Defensive Turnover
DTPP Defensive Turnovers Caused Per Possession
DVOA Defense Adjusted Value over Average
EFG Effective Field Goal Percentage
ERA Earned Run Average
EXTRAFG Extra Field Goal
FP Fielding Percentage
FG Field Goal
FT Free Throw
FTR Free Throw Rate
GIDP Ground into Double Play
GO Ground Out
HBP Hit by Pitch
HR Home Run
IP Innings Pitched
K Strikeout
MAD Mean Absolute Deviation
MLB Major League Baseball
OBP On- Base Percentage
OEFG Opponent’s Effective Field Goal Percentage
OFTR Opponent’s Free Throw Rate
ORP Offensive Rebounding Percentage
OPS On- Base Plus Slugging
PAP Pitcher Abuse Points
PENDIF Penalty Differential
PER Player Efficiency Rating
PO Put Out
PORP Points over Replacement Player
PRESSURE TD Pressure Touchdown
PY/A Passing Yards Per Attempt
QB Quarterback
RET TD Return Touchdown
RF Range Factor
RPI Ratings Percentage Index
RSQ R-Squared Value
RY/A Rushing Yards Per Attempt
SAC Sacrifice Bunt
SAFE Spatial Aggregate Fielding Evaluation
SAGWINPOINTS Number of total points earned by player during a season based on how his game events change his team’s probability of winning a game (events that generate a single win will add to a net of 2000 points)
SAGWINDIFF Sagarin Winning Probability Difference
SB Stolen Base
SF Sacrifice Fly
SLG Slugging Percentage
SS Shortstop
TB Total Bases
TD Touchdown
TO Turnover
TPP Turnovers Committed Per Possession
TPZSG Two- Person Zero Sum Game
VORPP Value of a Replacement Player Points
WINDIFF Winning Probability Difference
WINVAL Winning Value
WOBA Weighted On- Base Average
WWRT Wald- Wolfowitz Runs Test
YL Yard Line (where the ball is spotted at start of a play)
YTG Yards to Go (for a first down)
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