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Strain Theory


  • In his book, “Social Structure and Anomie,” there are four types of suicide.
    • Egoistic
    • Altruistic
    • Fatalistic
    • Anomic
    • The social structure of the society may strain upon individuals to commit crime.
    • Others: Albert K. Cohen, Richard Cloward, Lloyd Ohlin, Neil Smelser, Robert Agnew, Steven Messner, Richard Rosenfeld, etc.
    • the goals set by cultural or structural elements
    • vs. the mean to achieve the goals
    • types
      • Conformity (hopeful poor)
      • Innovation (surviving poor)
      • Ritualsim (passive poor)
      • Retreatism (retreating poor)
      • Rebelion (resisting poor) see naver의 이 문서
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