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Ethno (= 사람, 민족, 민간)
+ method (= 방법)
+ logy (= 론)

From phenomenology

  • Phenomenology in philosoph (Edmund Husserl)
    • Cartesian reality doesn't exist. . . .
      • wittgenstein_duck_rabbit.jpg
    • It goes
      • into Martine Heideger,
      • Jean-Paul Sartre
      • . . . .
  • In sociology, phenomenology in sociology 혹은 sociological phenomenology (Alfred Schutz)

Alfred Schutz (Alfred Schutz로 옮길 예정)

  • social construction of reality 1)

Social phenomenology is concerned with how people use ordinary, everyday interactions to produce a feeling of reality and intersubjectivity. Most of Schutz's work concerned the methods used for the construction of reality through everyday experiences. Wikipedia

  • typification (전형화)

H. Garfinkel

  • break the rule - breaching experiment

Language and social reality: The case of telling the Convict Code

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