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Qualitative Field Research

계량, 수량, 조작화 ←—> field research (q).
theory generating activity (induction)


계량화할 수 없는 연구주제나 사회문제에 유용
일정기간의 사회과정을 연구하는데 적합

Murray Milner Jr. 고등학교 문화연구,

그러나, 십대들이 특별한 힘을 갖는 분야가 분명히 존재한다. 그 힘이란 것은 십대들이 서로를 평가하는 그런 비공식적인 사회세계를 창조하는 힘이다. 그것은 바로 십대들이 자신들만의 지위체계를 창조할 수 있고 또 그렇게 하는 원동력이다 . . .

See the subtitles of the, Status, and Consumerism

Introductory remarks: Many explanations of the teenage behavior focus on their
stage of biological and psychological development. Yet these are virtually the
same for young people in all societies and historical periods. Their patterns of
behavior, however, vary enormously across cultures. This reading offers a sociological
understanding of contemporary American teenagers that focuses on the ways that
adults have organized the formal structures of young people’s lives and in turn how
they have responded to these structures by creating their own informal forms of
social organization. Th e core of this informal organization is a peer status system that
strongly shapes their behavior. Moreover, the analysis shows that rather than being
exceptional or bizarre, teenage behaviors are very similar to those of people in other
status systems. Teenage culture in the U.S. has, however, played a relatively unique
and important role in encouraging consumerism in the broader society

Joe Lofland Analyzing Social Settings, 2006

공적인 것의 사적인 처리 (과제)

  • 위선적인 것 같았다
  • 겉으로만 그럴 듯 하게 보일 듯
  • 의류 수거함 정리 - 신고
  • 볼썽사나운 행위
  • 환경미화원의 일
  • 지속적인 활동 - 태도의 변화

Role of Observer(관찰자의 역할)

  • Full Participation — Complete Observer
  • Disclosure (of researcher)
    • Ethical issue (whether or not reveal)
    • Practical issue
    • Reactivities
    • Going natives(원주민화) - far from objectivity

Qualitative Field Research Paradigm



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