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see also Hawthorne Studies
시카고 외곽지역의 Western Electric Company, the Hawthorne Plant 연구 (1924-1932), PI: Elton Mayo
Four main research phases:

  1. The illumination experiments
    • the Hawthorne Effects
  2. The Relay Assembly Test Room Study
  3. The Interviewing Programme
  4. The Bank Wiring Observation room Study
    • The power of (informal) group
    • The workers were more responsive to the social norms of peer group than to the controls or incentives of management.
    • bank_wiring_study_fig_34.jpg
    • bank_wiring_study_tab_25.jpg
    • bank_wiring_study_fig_39.jpg
    • bank_wiring_study_fig_40.jpg
    • bank_wiring_study_fig_41.jpg
    • bank_wiring_study_fig_42.jpg
    • bank_wiring_study_fig_43.jpg
    • bank_wiring_study_fig_44.jpg
    • bank_wiring_study_fig_45.jpg
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