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Core Theories of Political Communication, PDF

Theories of media effects

  • Agenda setting Theory
  • Priming theory
  • Framing theory

Theories about the politics-media axis

  • impoverished information provision;
  • narrowed political discourse;
  • elevation of perceptions of political reality over objective ones;
  • increased negativity and reliance on attack campaigning;
  • pervasive cynicism; and
  • heightened politician-journalist conflict
  • theory of press-state relations
  • mediatization of politics theory, see dbpia search result mediatization

Theories in digital era

  • The Hyperlinked Society
  • spill-over effects: Drawing on theories of agenda building, hyperlinked network analysis, and the logic of connective action, they have developed a framework for investigating the conditions under which challengers’ online communication agendas may spill over into traditional mass media agendas, with corresponding chances of influencing public opinion and politicians’ policy agendas.
  • The Hybrid Media System

인터넷과 선거캠페인 PDF
소셜네트워크 캠페인의 정치적 효과 PDF

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