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SAQ.csv - fictional statistics anxiety questionnaire from Andy Field's textbook resources

saq <- read.csv("", header = T)
Variable Position Label
stat_cry 1 Statiscs makes me cry
afraid_spss 2 My friends will think I'm stupid for not being able to cope with SPSS
sd_excite 3 Standard deviations excite me
nmare_pearson 4 I dream that Pearson is attacking me with correlation coefficients
du_stat 5 I don't understand statistics
lexp_comp 6 I have little experience of computers
comp_hate 7 All computers hate me
good_math 8 I have never been good at mathematics
frs_better_stat 9 My friends are better at statistics than me
com_for_games 10 Computers are useful only for playing games
bad_math 11 I did badly at mathematics at school
spss_no_help 12 People try to tell you that SPSS makes statistics easier to understand but it doesn't
damaging_comp 13 I worry that I will cause irreparable damage because of my incompetenece with computers
comp_alive 14 Computers have minds of their own and deliberately go wrong whenever I use them
comp_getme 15 Computers are out to get me
weep_ct 16 I weep openly at the mention of central tendency
slip_coma 17 I slip into a coma whenever I see an equation
spss_crash 18 SPSS always crashes when I try to use it
eb_looks 19 Everybody looks at me when I use SPSS
no_sleep_ev 20 I can't sleep for thoughts of eigen vectors
nm_normdist 21 I wake up under my duvet thinking that I am trapped under a normal distribtion
frs_better_spss 22 My friends are better at SPSS than I am
stat_nerd 23 If I'm good at statistics my friends will think I'm a nerd
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