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Multichannel Video Programming Distributors

  • Multichannel Video Programming Distributors(MVPDs)
  • It is equivalent to MSO (multiple system operator) in Korea.
  • Comcast, Uverse, DirectTV, FIOS, etc. :: T-broad, CJ, HCN, etc.
  • They make money . . . from triple play .
    • from subscribers (who pays monthly bill) for bundled channels (TV subscription)
    • also they sell broadband internet connection, too. (Internet subscription)
    • also they sell telephone (landline), too. (landline subscription)
    • local advertisement sales
  • cord cutters: TV, but, not the Internet
  • Increasing cord cutters :: They embrace the OTT1) in their services (including netflix in their package, for example).
Over The Top — the industry term for signals carried over the open internet
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