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History of Television


  • 텔레비전역사와 관련된 인물이나 사건 중 하나를 선택하여 조사를 하시오.
  • 조별과제
  • 인물을 선택하여도 좋고 (예를 들면, 윌리암 에스 파아슬리라는 사람이 라디오의 발전과 관련된 역할을 조사하여도 좋습니다)
  • 사건을 선택하여도 좋습니다. 예를 들면, 당시 시대의 (1920년대) 라디오에서의 광고에 대해서 조사하여도 좋습니다.

Window to the world

Watch a video,


Television throughout the human history

In the Entertainment


Piece of Puzzles

  • 406s, David Sarnoff: Across the country, a different kind of genius . . . .
    • David Sarnoff with meeting with G. Marconi: At 14 . . . .
    • Employed as a messenger boy at 14.
    • David Sarnoff at young age
    • Sarnoff idolized Marconi

      at 457s

    • good at pension for promotion . . . 475s
      • 481s RMS Titanic 1) on April 12, 1912. Sarnoff was at the relay station at the Marconi New York office. . . . Worked three strait nights alerting other ships near the area.
      • just a myth . . .
      • titanic.1912.jpg
      • sarnoff.worked.3.nights.strait.jpg
  • 588s, David Sarnoff creates and controls the Radio industry
    • He becomes the farther of television later.
    • At 22, outline of his vision of radio = radio box memo
    • He envisioned a device at home that people receive music, news, and sports . . .
    • Radio station, radio box, etc. were envisioned before five years that they actually happened.
    • tech, yes. but, why? who needs it? problem

Radio Comes of Age

    • Radio broadcast boom by D. Sarnoff, 1920
    • The first radio station KDKA on the air (Pittsburgh in PA): The Westinghouse engineer Frank Conrad began experimental radio broadcast . . .
      • Frank Conrad
        The first radio station, KDKA
        First broadcast of KDKA
        • . . . . We are very anxious to know how far the broadcast is reaching . . . .
  • Race for television heating up . . . .
    • A typical radio set in the livingroom
      A typical radio set in the livingroom
    • Demands for the radio set was very high
      Demands for the radio set was very high

Mechanical Television

Patent battles

  • 1152s, patent battles mainly between Farnsworth and RCA
  • David Zworykin moves to RCA from the Westinghouse.
    • Sarnoff had an intuitive understanding the potential of television, and backed him up by 100 percent.
  • 1215s, patent battles Farnsworth and Zworykin had a patent law suit
  • Farnsworth's win over RCA on patent war (at 24)
    • farnsworth.01.jpg
    • Farnsworth의 스케치
      patent number 159540

      the patent

    • zworykin.01.jpg
  • RCA tried to buy the patent; but, Farnsworth wanted the continuous royalty.
  • Sarnoff did not like the idea.

Duelling egos

1309s, Duelling egos

  • D. Sarnoff, the king of radio
    • the owner of the NBC blue, NBC red
    • tried to build television industry by the 1930s (not the 1950s)
    • but, the reality was hard.
      • reliable way to transmit the signal through the airwaves
      • no public demands – who needed pictures when you had radio!
  • William S. Paley
    • william.s.paley.jpg
    • A wealthy man
    • started a radio network, CBS
    • Not interested in science of television, but was a genius of television programming
  • Television still no good for the public
    • low quality: see the upper part is diminishing?
    • television.low.quality.jpg
    • electronic signals interference everywhere
      • trees and buildings, even car spark signals
  • Sarnoff turned the 3rd floor of the radio city into television studio
  • Regular broadcast in Am
    • 2 hours a week, 200 television sets in NY
  • Baby has been born with beard. . . . by PTF (he was forgetten)
  • FCC (Federal Communication Commission) formed in 1940 led by James Fly . . .
    • Sarnoff became too influential and mono-polic
    • Anti-Trust Law
    • ABC created out of NBC Blue and NBC Red
  • TV sets sales sky-rocketed . . . .
    • Muntz TV
    • madman.muntz.sign.jpg

Talents drives tube

2119s, Talents drives tube

  • Tech stablized. Search for talents flourished.
  • Resurrection of Vaudeville
  • Norma Jean
  • I love Lucy
  • televised tour of the White house by the Pres. Truman
  • into color . . . .
  • Battle for color

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